Marubini – Itochu Steel Inc. is one of the  companies that becomes keen to open co-operation  channels with IPIC.

Marubeni supplies steel tubulars  to customers  in gas&  oil industry.
During their last visit to IPIC  they were  touched  by IPIC  as a leading organization in  pipe industry. Mr.  Teruo  Kowaguchi –  Marubeni- Itochu managing  director-  has  expressed his gratitude  to Eng. Mohamed  Ayad –  IPIC CEO- in his email which  says,   “I express my sincere  gratitude to you for your  people’s hospitality and  sparing your time to  meet  with us during our visit to  your plant. I  was real impressed with the plant as  well as  your  management in  addition to a very good  location  facing The  Mediterranean. We would  like to look for  working  together closely for  various  important  business opportunities. we are hoping your company  continue to  grow.”

Consequently, we- IPIC- would like to express  Marubeni our appreciation to their thoughtful  appreciation and express our  interest to  reinforce the international co-operation with  their side.