Under the Patronage of H.E. Eng. Azmi  Khorisat- Minister of Energy& Mineral Resources-  East Gas Conference&  Exhibition has been held in Amman- Jordan on       6 September 2005 for 2 days.  IPIC was one of a huge number of Egyptian and  Arabic Petroleum  companies that  participate in  such an event  which is its main slogan is“For  Future Energy”.

The motive for organizing such an event was to  show the future of the huge project of the Arab  Gas Pipeline as one of the economic and strategic  influencing projects in the Arab World. The new  pipeline would shape the future of energy in the  area through adding Arab Gas a new source. This  huge project is considered to be a new model that assures that Arab co-operative projects are  executable if the concerned parties have a strong  will for it. The pipeline should be well thought of as  an economic and strategic vein between Egypt  and Jordan during the first phase. It extends in the  second phase to include Egypt, Jordan, Syria and  Lebanon. The third phase would incorporate the  African, Asian and  European continents.

One of Middle East Gas Conference & Exhibition was the conference magazine which contains variable subjects about it ;  such as a brief about H.E. Eng. Azmi Khorisat – Minister of Energy& Mineral Resources, the conference welcome message, a  view of natural gas in both Egypt & Jordan and companies overview.