IPIC was one of the participating organizations in the 3rd Arab Petroleum Conference which had been held in Aswan in  the period between 15th till 18th December 2004 . The  conference was held under the auspices of H.E. Eng.  Sameh Fahmy “Egyptian Petroleum Minister” & Prof. Dr.  Ahmed El Gweily “Secretary-general of Arabic Economic  Union Assembly”.

One of the Conference topics was the  mutual Arabic  cooperation. IPIC demonstrates the successful trials of  mutual Arabic cooperation. On Thursday 16th December  2004 IPIC points out its achievement in a show that  attracted all the attendees. It’s worth mentioning that IPIC was just a guest in the 2nd conference where it presented  its construction stages and now only after one year IPIC  amazed all the attendees by its huge sales volume as well as  its unpredicted progress only through the first production  year.

“It was great to discuss the success story of one of the  most ideal organizations in the Arab world today , IPIC did   not only show how to succeed but also presented some  new sectors which could be integrated with other Arabic organizations” Dr. Ahmed El Gweily said.